Ditch The Standard Approach To Resolutions And Start Here...

Dave Buckland

Ditch the standard approach to resolutions, and start here...

I often use an expression - “people are really good at being themselves.”

I say it all the time, typically when someone is expressing surprise over behavior,
when that behavior is seen over and over again. How can you be surprised when the
same behavior shows up time and time again? Without support most people and
businesses are just a series of Groundhog Days that tend to repeat past behaviors
over and over again.
Do you want this year to be different? Do you want to actually stick to your goals
and make a difference?


Here is the key. After you make the list of all the things you want to create in the
new year, you have to step back and focus on one thing, not 10. If you try and instill
too many at once you will inevitably fall off the wagon and return to your default
state. Instead – look at your list and ask yourself a focusing question like, “what is
the one item on this list that, if accomplished or progressing, will make everything
else easier or unnecessary?”
For most, it’s something related to diet or exercise or not falling back into the same
habits, simply recreating their Groundhog Day. Pick one item, tell a close friend or
your spouse what you are going to do differently for the next 21 days. Text them
every day, or give them an update, this will help you hold yourself accountable. Ask
them to check in every day if you don’t by the time you are supposed to. This works.
We’ve done this with scores of clients and the results are always the same. Once you
can do something for 3 straight weeks, you are good. Old habit gone, new habit in
So start with what will bring the biggest impact and then add a new item every 21
days. You won’t recognize your day, or your old self, if you can stick with this

Dave Buckland